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The Partridge Creek Farm Biology Internship Program

The Partridge Creek Farm Internship Program is designed to expose participants to all aspects of the farm’s mission to improve local access to fresh produce, build a healthy community, and promote education on sustainable food systems. The internship offers the student an opportunity to learn hands on sustainable farming techniques and perform research in a field of study specific to their interests. The interns at the farm are given duties in community outreach, education, research and writing to complement the farm work they do. The PCF growing season runs approximately 26 weeks and runs March through November. Interns are expected to invest a minimum of 13 weeks of field work during the season.

Research, data collection and the corresponding written analysis is fundamental to the internship program. These are developed by the intern with oversight by the Farm Manager and one or more advisors depending on the research project. There is an expectation that each intern will write a paper on their research and a paper on their overall experience for publication in a venue such as magazine or trade publication.


In general interns will be required to work on farm duties on a predetermined schedule determined by the farm manager, (most likely 8am-noon) 6 days per week for a approximately 24 logged hours per week for a minimum total of 312 hrs. Schedules are flexible and may be adjusted for attending to market duties or other activities. The farm manager may call off work on days when weather is either dangerous (lightning, extreme weather) or would cause negative impact to the farm (such as muddy ground or wet foliage). Time taken for personal needs or time off are to be scheduled in advance with the Farm Manager. Makeup time should be scheduled for any time off to complete the necessary hours to complete the internship. Each day the team will meet briefly to review the activities for the day and discuss progress. These meetings are mandatory and tardiness will not be tolerated. Data collection can be done during farm hours as part of the record keeping process. Research, analysis and writing are duties that are to be done after farm hours are invested. All farming, outreach and education hours are to be submitted for tracking to the Farm Manager. If hours are not recorded accurately listing activities with your signature and signed by the Farm Manager they will not be counted.


Interns are mentored in five areas of the farm’s mission:

  1. Farming: Planting, pest management, weeding, watering, harvesting, washing and packing of harvest, seed production, and record keeping and data entry.
  2. Outreach: Introducing, inviting or presenting to community members to encourage participation in farm activities or research, working farmers market booth and interacting with the public and customers.
  3. Education: Participating in classes, workshops, and programs run by the Farm in a mentoring or teacher's assistant capacity.
    • Research: Hypotheses are to be researched, designed and analyzed by the student and incorporated into an end of term paper. An Abstract and outline of the proposed research paper will be expected on the 4th week into the internship. A rough draft will be expected at 6 weeks before the end of the internship. The final paper, minimum 10 pages single spaced, will be due 2 weeks before the end of the internship. Actual due dates will be assigned by the Farm Manager in conjunction with any necessary advisors. Materials may be submitted sooner than the due dates. The finished Term Paper will be submitted to the Farm manager and presented to the Board by the intern in a 15-20 minute oral presentation.
    • Writing: An article written for publication is expected from the intern by the end of the internship. This is not necessarily a scientific writing for a recognized journal but it can be if the intern wishes to pursue that. The paper is meant to be a summation of the intern’s experience to be shared with a larger audience and to promote the mission of our work together on the Partridge Creek Farm. The article, minimum 2 pages single spaced, may be written and submitted to the Farm Manager to present to the board for publishing anytime after the 13 th week of the internship.


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