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Incubator Farm Garden Site

In partnership with Grace Episcopal Church.

Our first big community-driven project in downtown Ishpeming.  Hundreds of volunteers from the community came together to help us construct our first Incubator Farm where we keep raised beds, a hoop house, bee hives and a brand new invention - the Yoopertopia Greenhouse.


Compost Program

In partnership with Aaren Joki of Metsami Creations.

Our compost program is championed by fellow board member, Aaren Joki, in partnership with Metsami Creations.  We collect food waste from Ishpeming public schools, local restaurants and other businesses and put our worms to work! We now have high quality vermicompost available for sale at Partridge Creek Farm.

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Inspiration Orchard Garden Site

In partnership with Ishpeming's Inspiration Zone.

The Inspiration Orchard is one of our newer projects, constructed in 2019 by hundreds of volunteers throughout the community.  The orchard is located on the corner of North & York streets in Ishpeming and contains apple, plum, cherry, pear, crab apple and silver maple trees, as well as a wide variety of different berries.


Ishpeming Schools Garden Site

In partnership with Ishpeming Public Schools.


Elk's Lodge Garden Site

In partnership with the Elk's Lodge of Ishpeming.

In 2017 we formed a partnership with the Elk's Lodge in Ishpeming and they allowed us to build a new garden site on their land.  In addition to our traditional raised garden beds we also decided to experiment with Hugelkultur in this space. Hugelkultur are no-dig raised beds with a difference. They hold moisture, build fertility, maximise surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.


Carpet Specialists Garden Site

In partnership with Carpet Specialists of Ishpeming.

On Earth Day in 2017, Carpet Specialists allowed us to build a garden site on land adjacent to their building.  Over a hundred volunteers from local businesses and the community showed up to help us on Earth Day.  The old mining truck and towers behind this garden site make for a beautiful scene for cars driving into downtown Ishpeming from the highway.


Maple Syrup Program

In partnership with Great Lakes Recovery Centers.

We're very proud of our partnership with the Ishpeming Great Lakes Recovery Center.  One of our most successful programs with GLRC has been the maple syrup program, where we take residents into the forest surrounding their complex to tap trees and collect sap, and we help them process our harvest into maple syrup.  This year the residents put on a delicious pancake breakfast for everyone using the fruits of their labor!


"Farm Fridays" Daycare Program

In partnership with Roots & Wings Daycare.

Farm Fridays is a brand new program we're implementing in partnership with Roots & Wings Daycare of Ishpeming.  We'll take field trips to our garden sites and teach the children about what it means to grow food for yourself and be self-reliant.  We also plan to help them build a raised garden bed on their property, where the children will be able to maintain and watch their plants grow.


Dan's Garden Site

The genesis of Partridge Creek Farm.

Where it all began.  Many years ago Dan Perkins began gardening in his backyard has a hobby.  Over time the garden grew and eventually attracted some attention.  Dan began to notice more and more neighborhood children wandering into his yard asking if they could help him in his garden.  The children would leave and come back again with more friends.  It was here where an idea was born - Partridge Creek Farm.


Jasperlite Intergenerational Farm

With all this success and momentum we are thrilled to share some exciting news: we received a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund in 2021 and we will begin plans for a 2-acre, intergenerational farm next to Ishpeming School and the Jasperlite Senior Housing.

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